General IELTS

All subject 30-hour class

  1. Never took IELTS test before, or do not know much about the test
  2. Could not achieve the optimal result
  3. Have done some practice, but unable to have significant improvement
  4. Lack practical test experience, need more test-taking techniques

Speaking and Writing focused 20-hour class

  1. Took IELTS test before, but did not get optimal writing/speaking result
  2. Not familiar with writing/speaking test, do not know how to get improvement
  3. Not familiar with how writing/speaking sections are scored, want to know where the score is lost
  4. Lack practical test experience or professional analysis and assessment

Listening and Reading focused 10-hour class

  1. Took IELTS test before, but did not get optimal reading/listening result
  2. Done a lot of practice but could not get much improvement
  3. Know the weakness point, but need professional guidance
  4. Time for preparation is limited, need efficient test-taking techniques

VIP breakthrough class

  1. Time for preparation is limited, need intensive guidance before test
  2. Know where the weak point is, want targeted help
  3. Go through test-taking techniques systematically, increase chance of success
  4. Need flexible time and location, save time cost



All subject 30-hour class

  1. High demand in test results
  2. Never took CELPIP before, not familiar with the test
  3. Need systematic guidance in test-taking techniques and skills
  4. Expand vision in test taking, weak point analysis

Single subject 10-hour class

  1. Took CELPIP before, did not have optimal result in a single subject
  2. Know the weak point, want targeted improvement
  3. Limited preparation time, need higher efficiency
  4. Do not know where to start, need professional guidance