The most scientific

We accompany you through your exam preparation


Diagnosis and analysis

Before the class, we will provide a scientific and systematic English language level test for each student. It includes diagnosis of vocabulary, grammar, and reading and writing skills. The results will be analyzed by our professional teachers in order for us to grasp the language level of the student as soon as possible, and ensure the improvement over the course of studying can be traced and recorded.

Personalize the class

After the analysis of the diagnostic test, we will personalize the class according to the weak spot and study pattern of the student, and provide the most suitable teachers for the class. We not only focus on how much knowledge the student has learned, but also how enjoyable the learning experience is. We always believe that the most suitable is the best.


Build up skills and vocabularies

We have a team of experienced teachers and responsible tutors to provide the most timely and professional instruction and help during and after class. During the class, the teachers lead the students to build strong knowledge base. Outside the class, the tutors ensure that students have the necessary vocabulary base. They will accompany you through our the test preparation.

Periodical mock exams

Over the whole course of IELTS class, we provide periodical mock exams for students to monitor the progress of studying, and tailor the course and pace accordingly. Under such scientific pattern, students would improve in a most efficient way. Each improvement in the mocking exam would encourage the students, and stimulate them to work even harder in the next period with the right method.


Various class types

We provide you the most suitable class

3000 vocabularies breakthrough; set the basis of vocabularies and grammar; build strong language base to ensure the efficiency of further studying. (4 band and lower)

Have a taste of exam taking techniques; improve exam skills and language skills simultaneously; use real exam questions to grasp exam techniques, and familiarize with IELTS exam efficiently. (5.5-6.5 band)

Have a breakthrough on the basis of come English language basis; get further improvement with intensive training and high level exam techniques. (6-7 band)

If you have a particular weakness, we will tailor an intensive breakthrough class for you with the most experienced and elite teachers in Listening/ Reading/ Speaking/ Writing, in order for you to improve in a particular area, so that you can spend your time and energy most efficiently.

Four levels:
According to the capacity of the students, we provide the most suitable teaching mode and pace. Our classes always have clear goal and focus.

Four class sized

According to the need of the students, we provide a variety of class sized. We ensure that the class size is under 10 students so that while the time is easily adjustable, the quality is always prioritized. The class can be initiated at any time with personalized timetables to utilize the time of the whole week (weekdays and weekends). Each student is our VIP, and we are responsible for the improvement of your test results.

1v1; 1v2; 1v3; group class (4-8).


Increasing value

We provide far more than IELTS class


Vocab of the day

During the course of our class, our tutor will help students to build up their vocabulary base. Our vocab lists are put together by our most experienced teacher, and each word is among the key words of IELTS exam. Every morning, the word list of the day and its audio will be published on line, and your tutor will trace your progress in finishing the list, and quiz you periodically. In this way, you can build a strong base for the IELTS exam.


Translation of the day

We will provide sample sentences suitable for IELTS writing and its translation. The sample sentence is categorized according to the topics frequently occurs in IELTS writing. With the translation practice and key phrase highlights, students will gain writing skill and improve in English writing gradually.


Oral practice of the day

We will also provide jargon phrase with sample sentences and dialogues. In this way, students can learn the phrases frequently used by native speakers in a fun way. During IELTS speaking test, using jargons will make the conversation fun, and improve the result significantly.


Test trend prediction

Before the IELTS test, each student will have a test trend prediction class for free. Being the last class before the actual test, this class will be the final security and encouragement for the students.

The most elite

We provide the best class with the best team

We have the most powerful teaching team

They are from world-famous universities. They use mathematics models to improve teaching system, and provide you the most unique leaning experience.

Each of them have taken the IELTS test before with almost full marks in each subject. Over the class preparation of so many years, they have gone through countless exam questions, and their capacity is unquestionable.

They are smart and fun, their classes are always full of laughter. With such wonderful atmosphere, students can and are willing to learn more.

They are full of responsibility and love, they treat their students genuinely and always take care of their study status as well as their mental status to ensure no one is left behind.

Special services

Mock speaking test session with the examiner

Are you nervous when facing the IELTS examiner? We invite the actual IELTS examiner to hold our mock speaking test session. You will have the opportunity to have one on one conversation with the actual examiner before the exam and take the advice from him directly. His suggestion will be the most powerful tool for you to improve your speaking test.

Free trial class

Out class is unique, our teachers are attractive, thus we open free trial sessions for you. Any word would be pale comparing with the actual class experience. We are confident that our class is exactly what you need

Contact us to register for the trial class, we are waiting for you here.